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Here’s some more hands

500,000 notes??? Holy shit, thanks guys! Never imagined this little sketch would ever reach so many people b a d c
I’m going to be in my first art show next month along with many other wonderful local artists at the Pourhouse in downtown Minneapolis!
It’s hosted by RAW Artists, an indie art organization that showcases not only visual art, but also performance, makeup, music, fashion and film.
If any of you are going to be in the Minneapolis area on August 27th, you can purchase tickets in advance at
I’ve been asked to sell 20 tickets in advance so that RAW can keep funding awesome events and get togethers, so please help support local artists by buying a ticket and enjoying a night of awesome art and people :)
I’ll be selling both prints and originals of my drawings
Hope to see some of you there! b a d c
print available here b a d c
Forgot how long its been since I’ve done a full value drawing, time to practice again!
Print available here b a d c
Hi, I love your blog and your art! I'm trying to follow more art blogs like you, and I was wondering if you could recommend any blogs? I've just recovered from this horrible illness that threatened my life and stole so much from me, and I haven't been able to do any art for so long so I'm trying to start again and inspire myself :)

Congrats on your recovery!

Some of my favorite art blogs, in no particular order:

Audrey Benjaminsen


Marco Mazzoni

Noah Bradley

Sam Spratt

Victo Ngai

Rod Luff

Victor Maury

Emmy C

Jasmine Jean

Amei Zhao

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Hi Gabriela! You're an amazing artist and definitely deserve to be in museums!!! I was wondering if you draw hands and the human body from references or if you can just draw them from your imagination because of practice? Also, can I use some of your drawings as references as long as I credit you? Thank you soooo much for sharing your wonderful artwork with everyone! :D

Thank you so much! I do some drawings from imagination, but I try and use some sort of reference whenever I can because it helps me get a more realistic drawing. I start some drawings just doodling from my imagination, but if some part of the anatomy doesn’t look right or if I can’t figure out how to pose a certain part then I’ll get help from reference.

And yes, as long as you credit me I don’t mind if you use my drawings as reference :)

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Portrait of my sister at a cafe b a d c
“Cowboy escaping alligator” circa 1995 b a d c
Untitled Hands No. 3
Print available here b a d c
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Hi! I'm a huge fan of yours and I was wondering if you have an Instagram? Keep drawing! <3

Thanks! I do have an instagram, but I don’t update very often! username is gabalut

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Portrait by request of! b a d c
bad mood doodles b a d c
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